Author: Wild Africa Arts and Crafts

My passion for arts and crafts grew with time after I attended an exhibition in Europe while working in Kenya. I registered the name Sawa Sawa Crafts first in Kenya and then Registered Sawa Sawa Crafts in the Netherlands and later on registered Wild Africa Arts and Crafts as the website for Sawa Sawa Crafts. In Kenya the company was at that time involved in making handmade from Sisal and Straw, hand printed and machine made bags and backpacks of all kinds of designs and materials, from leather to pvc, small and big, for schools and for leisure, which sold throughout the country especially in the main cities. We also went as far as exporting the products to Europe. In the meantime I also realized the interest people had in handmade products. Back in Kenya, I did a survey on the hand made products and I was quite intrigued and amazed at how the locals we actually were highly talented and deeply engaged in handmade products. Later in the years, I moved with my daughter and my Dutch husband to the Netherlands but while studying and working in employment my dream and urge to continue with the arts and crafts business was always on my mind and the urge only grew bigger whereby I finally decided to settle for my dream. I had upon arrival in the Netherlands in 1999 registered Sawa Sawa Crafts especially for the sale of the handmade african products and until recently registered Wild Africa Arts and Crafts under the same roof serving as the website for Sawa Sawa Crafts. My business at the moment is purely focused on my simple dream.