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how tall is mordecai from regular show

Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. They usually learn from their mistakes and fix them in the end of the episode. Benson recognizes Mordecai's greater sense of responsibility and self-control, something that Rigby doesn't have. Mordecai is a 23-year old blue jay. They do have some confrontations though. Rigby Mishovic is a tall, but shorter than Mordecai, anthropomorphic brown raccoon who formerly works as a Office Manager at The Park. He and his wife work in the same artist job. Mordecai is a main character in Regular Show. He thinks Muscle Man's "My Mom" jokes are hilarious. Even though he yells at Mordecai and Rigby a lot, it seems that Benson never gets angry at Mordecai on his own. He has dark . How tall is mordecai Who plays Mordecai on the regular show? These heights were approximated by Character Profiles. He made his debut in a non-canon short (" 2 in the AM PM ") as a human cashier, who then morphs into a prototype Mordecai-like character with a fanny pack. . [6], Some time after this, Mordecai accidentally sent Margaret a voicemail of him singing a song about how hot he found her. He is a top scorer in Football which makes him idolized by fans. He also explains that he doesn't miss her, but in a way he does. Mordecai is the tall, responsible, mannered one, while Rigby is the short, immature, energetic one in the duo. In "Fancy Restaurant", Starla is still seen as being Muscle Man's girlfriend, and invites him to have dinner with her parents in order for them to move to the next level of their relationship. Radio and have them play his song (seeing as Starla listens to the radio every night). In "Portable Toilet", CJ causes Mordecai and Rigby to get locked in a portable toilet. He is a green, strong, and obese humanoid, who is often seen with his best friend, Hi Five Ghost. For example, in "Dizzy", they try to help him with his stage fright, and in "Rap It Up", they join him in his battle against CrewCrew to prove that he is not a loser. She formerly worked as a waitress at a Coffee Shop with her best friend Eileen, across the street from The Park. Margaret tries to talk to him, but Mordecai awkwardly resists until she scolds him for his attitude in desire for their friendship. Trust me, it's amazing. He may have been doing this just so that they would not have to do his work. Mordecai tries to save Margaret, but she calms CJ when she reveals that she is in a relationship with news anchor, Del Hanlon, which stuns Mordecai and surprises her parents. Mordecai and Skips once played video games together in "Video Game Wizards", leaving Rigby out. operative Skye back after a race of altered, superhuman people called the Inhumans take her prisoner. After an initial situation where Mordecai was not ready to date her, they eventually became good friends and started officially dating. Next, we got Mordecai at five feet and 10 inches tall, Rigby standing at three feet and five inches, and Benson at five feet and 6 inches. Rigby is a 23 year-old raccoon. Babylon 5. He has black stripes on his tail and his head and has white on his face, white stripes on his arms and has a white chest. Karlo Hackenberger. Rigby is a brown raccoon with short, and spiky hair. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". In fact, in "Muscle Woman", they tend to slack off more than Mordecai and Rigby. In the episode "Muscle Woman," his real name is revealed to be Mitch Sorrenstein. Ash is ten years old, while Jessie and James are 20 and 25 years old, respectively. In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", Eileen invites Rigby and Mordecai to her Christmas Sweater Party. Mordecai is voiced by the show's creator, J.G. These heights are from the Scooby-Doo Livejournal page. In the AWA fics, Mordecai is set to appear in a future AWA storyline. However, they get stuck babysitting Thomas, who's trying to ruin their date. They both work at the park together with Benson as their boss. Although Mordecai naturally despises work, he strives to keep a good reputation, once almost losing his life to avoid being labeled as a slacker, and vouching for extra work to pay for concert tickets. He seems to have a friendship with the Taco'Clock worker. He and Muscle Man are friends. During the struggle, he finally tells the truth, but in the end they are still together. [27].,,, Next, we got Fred, who stands at five feet and 11 inches, Shaggy at exactly six feet, and Daphne at five feet and seven inches. In "1000th Chopper Flight Party", CJ declines her invitation to the 1000th Chopper Flight Party of Chopper 6 because she is volunteering to clean up a river. "We felt like the Margaret / CJ story was complete, and they were both on their own path already. Muscle Man has often turned to Mordecai and Rigby for help when he has a problem involving Starla, and has given Mordecai advice on dealing with his crush on Margaret. Similar to the Hulk, when Muscle Man is angered enough, he can perform incredible feats of strength. Quintel, Regular Show is easily one of Cartoon Network's most successful shows. Mordecai is a 23-year-old Blue-Jay, He is also voiced by the shows creator, J.G. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Park Workers Mordecai and the Rigbys Dome Subjects, Sherm (Father) Barbara (Mother) Don (Brother). Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff, even big stuff. Muscle Man is voiced by Sam Marin. [23], Mordecai soon decided he was going to take a break from dating, [24] and ended up getting sent to space with the rest of the Park Members to prepare for an epic battle between Pops and Anti-Pops, who's real name is Malum Kranus. Health - 125 Hunger - 150 Sanity - 150 Starts with 3x berries good fighter (1.3 damage multiplier) Tallbirds are neutral - Starves 20% faster I will fix some sprites later but for now enjoy.. Their punishment was them to say sorry to their mom, (which was Muscle Man's butt squished together to look like a woman's face) kiss the photo and eat it. Quintel. What movie and television projects has Sam Marin been in? When he finally is declared as the lucky guest to ride Chopper 6 for its 1000th flight, he finds it hard to say no and joins. In "Sad Sax", Mordecai apologizes to CJ with some lights he put on a soon-to-be-demolished house and got beaten up for that. Koji Ochiai. But in the middle of remembering the good times they had with each other, they wind up kissing each other. He also has a long tail with six dark brown stripes . Margaret and Mordecai were good friends at the time and, although Mordecai had developed clear romantic feelings for her, Margaret's feelings were only hinted at in the early seasons. First, the information about Dee Dee being five feet and 10 inches in height are from her character profile page. He is 31.7, making him 1/2 Mordecais height (63) and around 27 pounds. We also felt like Mordecai had moved on in his life. In "New Year's Kiss", Mordecai bumps into her at a masquerade party, unaware who she is because of the mask she's wearing. Like Rigby, he works at an unknown job after others characters move on with their life. He was 29 when the series ends. though it never seems to last and most of his attempts are usually awkward, Butt-Head on the other hand often fails miserably with his attempts being often crude and straight forward which results in him getting slapped in the face or immediately rejected. Tanner Mordecai put up huge numbers at SMU the past two seasons and should be a great fit. He made his first official appearance in "Just Set Up the Chairs". [19] Mordecai attempted to apologize to CJ, which nearly cost him his life from a bus accident, but worked in the end. By the time Season 5 came around, Muscle Man and Mordecai are shown to be great friends and are always be there to help each others problems like in Mordeby and Rigbecai when they team up to turn Rigby back to normal. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. He first interacted with CJ in "Yes Dude Yes" when Rigby signed Mordecai up for Couple Corral after thinking that Margaret was engaged. Built by the Earth Alliance in the 2250s, it's goal is to maintain peace among the various alien races by providing a sanctuary where grievances and negotiations can be worked out among duly appointed ambassadors. He likes to sing along to KanYe Wests I Wonder in his album Graduation. A tall blue jay out of art school who works with his friend Rigby at the park. In Season 3, Rigby and Muscle Man become more friendly to each other and at times help each other with problems. Despite this, Mordecai has at times expressed anger towards Skips.,and%20shape%20as%20her%20sisters. Let's fry up everything!" Species: Lastly, for Little Suzys age, we estimated her to be around six to eight years old based on her character profile page. First, we got a height of five feet and eight inches for Chris and six feet for Alejandro from their Fandom Wiki pages. What are the physical state of oxygen at room temperature? At the party, Mordecai tries his best to prevent CJ from seeing Margaret. Muscle Man has died four times in the series: Twice in. Mordecai is a 6'3 tall anthropomorphic blue jay. How old is Mordecai from the Regular Show? [10] However, since Mordecai never kissed Margaret back, they both entered the Friend Zone, but managed to break out when Mordecai finally kissed her during a meteor shower. He is also one of the groundskeepers of the Park. At least I don't try to flirt by taking toilet dares! Mordecai buys a new cologne to attract Margaret. Bobby also is the guard at the door, telling people if they can enter Hi-Five Ghost's costume party, in "See You There". ), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost's Trailer (several episodes), Muscle Man's Outfit (Outfits Muscle Man has worn.). Later in the montage, an older Mordecai is shown to be somewhat a little heavier, with hair on his chest and more stubble on his face, and he is wearing thick light green glasses and a light green collared shirt. In The Longest Weekend, after watching a romantic movie, Starla decides that the two should spend a weekend away from each other to test the strength of their relationship. 7 How tall is Mordicai from regular show? Upon finding his phone, he notices that all of Margaret's stuff is there and Eileen tells him she is staying as an intern. Towards the end of high school, Mordecai discovered that he had been rejected by College University, but Rigby hadn't. He has a dark brown afro, a golden crown, purple sunglasses, dark brown sideburns, and a dark brown beard with a . Benson is Mordecai's boss at the Park. In the episode, he said that he is losing muscle mass from the stress Peeps put on him, so he may have muscle mass. Eventually, he quit the bodybuilding competition after winning so many times. A Billy s Mandy kalandjai a kaszssal (eredeti cmn The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) amerikai televzis rajzfilmsorozat, amelyet Maxwell Atoms alkotott s a Cartoon Network Studios ksztett. Rigby seems to like Muscle Man slightly more than Mordecai. In Season 3, they become nicer and friendlier to each other, help each other with problems and Mordecai even tells Muscle Man that him and Rigby are his friends in "Fancy Restaurant," after offering to help him. Mordecai is a 6'3" tall 23-year-old . At the end of "Steak Me Amadeus", Mordecai asks Margaret to be his girlfriend, and she says she feels like they could be in a relationship that could actually go somewhere. [16][17] Mordecai planned to go on a real date with CJ but it kept getting sabotaged by Matchmaker McIntyre, who nearly killed Mordecai in an attempt to break the two up. Muscle Man also dislikes it when being called "Mitch", the only exception being when Starla does it. This caused Mordecai to get expelled, but he was still able to get into junior college, where he studied Art.[1][2]. He is a green, strong, and obese humanoid, who is often seen with his best friend, Hi Five Ghost. They do everything possible to keep him away from Starla until Sunday at midnight. With this information, we estimated Garnet and Amethysts heights based on how they stand beside Steven from the show stills. When he was 5 and 6, he used to have buck teeth and didn't have the black stripes on his fingertips and tail feathers. Mordecai replies that he likes CJ more than Margaret. In "Fancy Restaurant", Pops attempts to help Muscle Man learn to be fancy, but he fails. Study guides.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, He is laid-back and often plays video games with Rigby instead of doing his work. Summertime Loving, Loving in the Summer (Time), What Are You Thankful For? Mordecai is a 5'10@COMILLAS tall (6'0@COMILLAS including his crest) @COMA skinny and anthropomorphic blue jay. John is Muscle Man's older brother, who was seen in "My Mom" and "Trucker Hall of Fame.". Mordecai has the record of the most recalled lines in the show. He also has a crush on Margaret and works for Benson BORN: August 16 1977 Mordecai is a 6'3 tall anthropomorphic blue jay. Bodybuilder (formerly), Groundskeeper (formerly), Teleportation Technician (formerly), Comedian in Coffee Shop (formerly), Belly mannequin (formerly) Although he tries to avoid work whenever possible, he is often is responsible when it is needed. In "Not Great Double Date", He seemed upset that Margaret appeared to have a boyfriend for herself, but still said that she seemed happy with Del and that he liked him. Another example of Mordecai being a badass is when he tackled Death Bear (a huge, killer grizzly bear) to save his friends (Eileen, Margaret, and Rigby) from danger. Mordecai Regular Show. Regular Show (known as Regular Show in Space during its eighth and final season) is an American animated sitcom created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network.It ran from September 6, 2010, to January 16, 2017, over the course of eight seasons and 261 episodes. In his possible late teens, Mordecai's brown hair was long and at one point covered his eyes. He then later apologizes to Mordecai about what he said. Seeing this, Mordecai goes to find CJ but encounters Margaret instead; who then asks if he had a problem with her. Although at the end of "Starter Pack" when both Thomas and Muscle Man were involved with a prank against Mordecai and Rigby, that was possibly the only seen time that Muscle Man wasn't being antagonistic towards Thomas. He also likes making fun of it, which often results in making Rigby angry. For the characters from Clarence, we estimated their heights based on the average height of boys their age. Mordecai is the "responsible one" who always gets in trouble by his boss Benson, because of Rigby being lazy and not working. Mordecai refers to Rigby as "Dude" in every single episode except ". This left Mordecai and Margaret spending a night out together. Mordecai Heller is a bootlegger and trigger-man for the Marigold gang and a supporting antagonist in the series, though he previously worked for the Lackadaisy crew. In The Power, Mordecai reveals that he is 23 years old, along with Rigby. While signing autographs, Mordecai and Stef bumped into each other, and we see them stare at each other. Male One of mordecai's biggest personality labels is that hes the biggest simp in history. [18], Mordecai's relationship was going strong with CJ until Margaret came back the following Christmas, sending Mordecai into shock and accidentally cheating on CJ with Margaret. Mordecai is a 24-year-old Blue-Jay, He is also voiced by the show's creator, J.G. During the episode, it was revealed that he really does like CJ, but he was afraid of what would happen if Margaret came back. In The Power, Mordecai reveals that he is 23 years old, along with Rigby. Act fragile, be yourself, and be carefree. He was too wishy-washy with them!!". Sam Marin He was 29 when coming back to Earth from space, and since 25 years pass after that, that would make him 54 years old. But we love Margaret and C.J., and were sure that theyre happy without Mordecai! Margaret made her debut in the Season 1 episode "Caffeinated Concert Tickets". 1 How old is Mordecai at the end of regular show? Regular show is about two guys named Mordecai and Rigby, one a blue jay, one a raccoon. The two are virtually inseparable, always finding ways to forgive any breaks in their friendship. Of the duo of two main characters, Mordecai displays far more patience, responsibility, and intelligence than Rigby does. Hi Five Ghost is to Muscle Man as Rigby is to Mordecai. He is a twenty-something anthropomorphic blue jay, who is best friends with a raccoon named Rigby and works at a park with him. Then, Raven is 15 years old while Cyborg is 18 years, as indicated on the Teen Titans Go Fandom Wiki page. Sonic, Tails, and Kuncles heights are three feet and three inches, two feet and six inches, and three feet and six inches in height, respectively. For the longest amount of time, Mordecai was one of the only characters who hadn't mentioned any relatives. Mordecai is the overall main protagonist of Regular Show, along with his best friend, Rigby. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. However, you may visit "Cookie Settings" to provide a controlled consent. Beloved by children and maybe even a little more by adults, it follows the crazy adventures of two average park employees, Mordecai and Rigby. When they realize this, it was too late because CJ had already known what happened with Mordecai and Margaret. He is a serious person and wants people to do the right thing. Margaret seemed to have a crush . . As seen in Regular Show: The Movie, Mordecai first became friends with Rigby after finding him funny in Kindergarten. [7], Some time later, Mordecai falsely assumed that Margaret had got engaged, which led him to a deep depression. She urges Mordecai to go there and have fun, while he promises to save her cake, and thanks her for being the best girlfriend. Mordecai has tuxedo colored fur and olive green eyes, he has short hair at the top of his head that droops down and wears rounded pince-nez. They seem to be great friends. In a scrapped episode it is revealed that Mordecai had a twin brother named Dark Mordecai. Like most of his fellow park workers, Muscle Man greatly respects Pops despite the latter's childish nature. Mordecai's favorite band is Brain Explosion. Mordecai has the record of the most nicknames in the show.,,, Little did Mordecai know, Rigby had forged Mordecai's rejection letter as he himself did not get in. He does fire Muscle Man though in "Don" and "Under the Hood." The characters in question are Twilight Sparkle, the protagonist of the popular cartoon series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," and Mordecai, one of the main characters from "Regular Show . Rigby has been Mordecai's best friend since they were toddlers. In A Regular Epic Final Battle, after Rigby and her land on earth with the rest of the crew and reunite with their loved ones, Rigby kisses Eileen, making it their first kiss of the series. Rigby is one of the main protagonists of Regular Show. He appears to have a basketball for a head with the addition of human parts, such as a mouth, eyes, and nose. Regular Show Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Like Rigby, he lacks clothing, plays video games, and he drinks copious amounts of coffee and soda. According to We Bear Bears Fandom Wiki, the heights of Ice Bear, Grizzly Bear, and Panda Bear are six feet and two inches, five feet and 11 inches, and five feet and eight inches, respectively. Quintel. Benson also showed Mordecai respect in "Picking Up Margaret", where he let Mordecai borrow his car to pick up Margaret and take her to the airport. At the beginning of "Laundry Woes", Mordecai is deeply depressed (similar depression in "Yes Dude Yes") and the guys do everything they can to cheer him up. For Bensons age, we estimated him to be in his mid-30s since he is already a manager at work and looks much older than Mordecai and Rigby. Mordecai, once an overgrown child who spent the better part of four seasons paralyzed by fear and unable to act on his feelings for Margaret, is now able to spring into the action the moment that . We got the Scooby-Doo characters ages from IMDb, where Daphne is 16 years old, and Shaggy and Fred are 17 years old. [13], The following New Year's Eve, Mordecai met a girl called Tracy Hashtag, who he planned to kiss at the annual New Year's masquerade. Mordecai is the tall, responsible, mannered one, while Rigby is the short, immature, energetic one in the duo. Despite this, he and CJ have a great time and truly seem to like each other's company. That places their age when they go into space at 29. They always reunite at her parents house. He also laughs at Muscle Man's "my mom" jokes, as shown in the episode "My Mom". He is voiced by the show's creator, J.G. JG Quintel is the voice of Mordecai in Regular Show, . He is then maybe killed by The Hammer's explosive electric ball afterwards at The House, as he is seen as one of the RGB2 fans. He is a Street Rat They were blue genie He is a Storyteller He is a Rabbit He is a Salamander He is pretty much the same character as he was before and plays a major part. We got Cyborg at six feet and two inches for the Teen Titans Go characters and Raven at five feet and three inches. Mordecai VOICE . With Margaret gone, Mordecai becomes closer to another girl named CJ, whom he had previously met on a blind date, but things had gone south after Mordecai accidentally invited both CJ and Margaret to see the same movie (he was also not ready for a romantic relationship). His voice actor, Muscle Man's voice tone turned lower after ", Muscle Man's catchphrase for getting hurt or when something bad happens is "Oh no, bro", which is seen in ". Their ages as stated on their Fandom Wiki pages. Even though Mordecai's uncle is a slacker without much money (much like Rigby), Mordecai still seems to care about his uncle when he dies. Muscle Dad is Muscle Man's father who is seen in "Trucker Hall of Fame". Every episode that has ever aired has always shown the two as a duo. The others are Rigby with Eileen, and Hi Five Ghost with Celia. Regular Show Mordecai & The Rigbys is 100% authentic, officially licensed Regular Show apparel, that comes in t shirt, v-neck, tank top, longsleeve, pullover hoodie, sweatshirt styles! Ignorant yet clever when it comes to pranks, he's always either insulting Mordecai or Rigby, or trying to prank them (ex. He is shown to successfully beat up lots of people and was able to tackle a full grown bear. Mordecai is one of the seven main characters of Regular Show. How old are Mordecai and Rigby at the end of regular show? In "The Longest Weekend", he asks Thomas to help watch Muscle Man when he was going crazy for Starla. CJ accepts his apology, a mistletoe is placed on the metal hospital rod and they kiss on the lips, rekindling their relationship. So, we think Courtney is at least two inches shorter than Alejandro at five feet and 10 inches. Mordecai had quite a place in society and was extremely famous in used the court. After a long day, Mordecai asks CJ if she would like to go to the movies, with her cutting him off in agreement. In "Skips vs. Technology", Mordecai and Rigby print him a note that shows him how much they care about him and what he does for the park. Mordecai from Regular show. The two hold hands as they return to Margaret's car. He is shown to be one of the taller members of workers at the park. They do interact with Muscle Man and Starla in "The Longest Weekend", plus helped Starla while she was going through relationship withdrawals throughout the episode. He began online dating and found a girl called CJ, who he had a lot in common with. ", meaning it could be possible that Mordecai thinks about CJ the way he thought about Margaret. [15] Some time later, Mordecai accidentally confessed his love for her over text, and they agreed to go on a date together, where they kissed. Mordecai has shown a variety of abilities and habitsboth good and badthroughout the series. This damages the disco ball and it creates hundreds of holograms of Margaret who asks him the same question. Benson considers him to be hard-working, and indeed, Muscle Man (along with Hi Five Ghost) has been revealed to do more work than Mordecai and Rigby, despite the fact that all four of them are slackers.

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