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palladian blue vs sea salt

I am so stressed and overwhelmed. I just knew I hated the current wall color! Youll be hard-pressed to find brands better than Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore when it comes to the most popular shades of blue-green-gray paint colors. Can you help? You can see that Breezeway is a much brighter color, and it makes Sea Salt look almost completely gray beside it. Sea Salt and Rockport Gray partner up to bring out the warmth that each has to offer in this bedroom/bathroom suite. Out of all three, Wythe Blue, Palladian Blue and Sea Salt, Sea Salt is the lightest, but it's also significantly more green than the blue-green tones you see in the other two. See, you arent losing your mind! (Even after using samples, etc). I do love BM paint and used their self leveling paint and primer on my cabinets, but SW does have a one coat paint if getting the highest end they carry. ), Sea Salt is light enough and neutral enough to use in your whole home, Sea Salt likes to be matched with neutral colors, other greens, and blues, In north facing rooms, Sea Salt might look quite blue. Good for you for putting in the extra time to test out each one and make sure its the right decision. I can assure you all will be a pretty crazy adventure. Hot DAMN, I love this color! Like Palladian Blue, Sea Salt is a blue green paint color that shifts with the light. Do samples in each room before you decide. Daniela, Hi Daniela, of the two colors I have on my walls here: Palladian Blue and Sea Salt, I think Sea Salt is lighter. And, it is one of those cool paint colors that can make the room look a bit bigger. Being a color consultant, I thought I should weigh inSea Salt has a lot of green in it. So there you have it just a few of the BEST blue-green paint colors! I completely agree with Dawn about driving 45 minutes to get Benjamin Moore paint. I bet the color looks very different in a room with light vs. room with no light. =). Palladian Blue is actually very much a green still, at least from a technical perspective. The unique blend of undertones in Rainwashed (which we'll get into shortly) makes it great for a north-facing or east . There was no way I could live with it looking at it was, to me, what scratching nails on a blackboard is to most people. If you are a beach person you will not like OB. Here is a picture of a soft sage green with dark wood trim, just to give you some idea: The LRV of Valspar Sea Sage is only 31, so Sea Salt will be at least twice as bright. Their differences are ever so slight, but one may go better with your fixed elements or furnishings than the other will. It has an LRV of 64 so its the same general lightness. I can also feel the paint.. The colour might in it might be a bit more apparent in the evening when the sun has gone down. Lovely. I have bought at least 25 different shades of gray. Valspars Ante Meridian is lighter than Valspar Sparkling Sage, so it is close to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, but lighter instead of darker. Because they are so similar, there is no good differentiation between them, other than viewing them on your walls. Oh yes! The grayer your shade of colour is, the more subtle the undertones will be. Ive tried many shades and they all look too blue, gray , are too dark or muddy. Though I prefer white trim, I cant bring myself to paint over the wood in this home! The cabinets are an off white to cream antiqued color. True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100. HC-144. That would be an expensive decision to live with, if you chose the wrong color! I tried today Guilford Green that look great in the pictures, but is seems to grey on the walls. Sherwin Williams Quietude vs Rainwashed Sherwin Williams Quietude absolutely has more blue to it. Hello Kylie, The LRV of Sea Salt is 64, so while its a light colour, it wont reflect as much light into a room as youd think. Sea salt looks really gray on the paint chips compared to palladium and rainwashed. Its now painted BM Palladium Blue which I think is too intense a colour but my husband loves it as it is. Palladian Blue vs. Sea Salt. So, lets seein the photos, the best spot to see the real colour is up near the ceiling line, where the natural light doesnt hit it as much. And if you dont want to paint the walls, then paint a piece of poster board and hang it up on the wall. Palladian Blue looks much brighter than Sea Salt does. So, I started at Underseas which is like a green with some blue/gray and it felt TOOOO green. Can't wait to see it! When it comes to personal questions there are SOOO many things for me to consider, like flooring, exposure, furnishings, etc otherwise Im 100% guessing! Rainwashed and Palladian Blue are actually very similar paint colors. I was worried to see through the green room to the now wild Iris room and back again. The older photos start in 2008 at the very last page of photos and come forward as my house yard paint colors glass work evolved over the last 10 years. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a soft gray green that is both soothing and mellow. ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN 2019, UPDATED FOR YOU IN MID 2021. Your email address will not be published. If youre ever looking for anything, I do have a Google search bar that can take you to blog posts or the images that are attached to blog posts (its in the sidebar). Colors like this include Sherwin Williams Rainwashed, and Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue are great places to start. Tidewater is a baby blue and really nothing like Sea Salt, but it has an LRV of 65, so it is this color strips version of it. So I tweaked things over to SW Moody Blue. LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, is a measurement commonly used by design professionalssuch as architects and interior designersthat expresses the percentage of light reflected . I have done that will all of my wall colors since I painted my main living area and it makes all the difference. Behr Salt Glaze is an almost perfect dupe for Sea Salt, but it is ever so slightly cooler. The granite I love is honed Jet Mist (looks like a gray soap stone)for the perimeter counters in my kitchen and a marble ish quartzite like Arabuscato Venato for the island. I love that egg next to the paint swatch. I hope that helps! I did the paint on the wall tests too. You should send photos!!!!! Curious about the color behind the iron bed in your title picture. The LRV of SW Silver Strand is 59, so it is also a little darker than Sea Salt. With a more shadowed space I would imagine that it might go a bit more green/blue in the morning and then more gray/blue in the afternoon when the sun is opposite. Swooning. Its kind of like a pale sandy beach color. Sea Salt vs. Palladian Blue Choose a Paint Color without Regrets. HA let them think I am normal on the outside. The LRV of Quiet Moments is 61.87, and you can see that it is a hint darker than Sea Salt. Kylie, I always enjoy reading your posts. It invites you to relax. HOWEVER, its been known to lean blue, which is why I had to include it as one of my FAVES! 2023 Kylie M. Interiors / All Rights Reserved / Website Design by. These colors can't be used together, but if you're looking for a darker version of Sea Salt, consider Palladian Blue for sure. I just have to choose. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue. So, the obvious choice would be something similar to Stratton Blue, but lighter. (Make sure you get a small spackling tool that actually fits in the container, and a sanding sponge. 5 years ago. Very Grey. All in all, Healing Aloe is actually very close: Something I didnt know about paint before I started working with it a lot, is that the color strip usually follows a trend, and is not just lighter or darker shades of the same thing. Yes, BG is a little darker and more blue than the others, but of course everything depends on your light in your rooms. They coordinate great! Sparkling Sage is tied with Sage Morsel (up next) for the best Sea Salt color match in Valspar. I didnt try anything out first, I just painted. I dont want that on my walls, but thinking about for my accents. Best, Palladian Blue is included in Benjamin Moores Favorites collection, which means that it is one of their top 75 paint colors. So do our guests. May buy a sample of that teal. Which between these two would you choose for the exterior? Even if I only do one wall at a time and work my way around. (I have a few good examples in my Aegean Teal post.). The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesnt reflect). I think I love the swatches until I put them up (all shades of gray) but the walls are the last of my red and gold phase, and the gold just turns every swatch a weird color. How it looks on paper and swatches is totally different to real life. Thinking a more saturated color could bring life. Sea salt looks like my favourite. Thanks, Hi Naomi, I think both Kendall Charcoal and Hale Navy would be beautiful with Sea Salt (especially the navy)! Get a metal roller cage for easy on and off.This little brush might look funny, but its my absolute ride or die.This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder. In the kitchen she used it on her island. But, if you want a paint color that shifts towards blue or green depending on the time of day or lighting, you might want to go with Palladian Blue. Or maybe you have a BEIGE-ON-BEIGEShare, AESTHETIC WHITE: THE BEST NEW WARM OFF-WHITE PAINT COLOR It can be darn hard to keep up with trends (for those so inclined). Put it on the wall!!). They each are beautiful and you can't go wrong with any of them, alone or together. LRV. But this girl right here? What is the grey color on the walls next to Gibraltar Cliffs? Caribbean Teal!! I did a bit more snooping in the comments and see that they said colour is a custom order from BM paints. Not sure which is best for you and your home? Im trying to figure out lighter tones that will work with the beautiful medium stained woodwork in the house. Because it's a bit lighter, Sea Salt will be more likely to wash out in bright lighting. Repose looks blue as blue can be. Palladian Blue on exteriors will further make the color look lighter than it is. I like to see Colours of the Year that have a bit more mass appeal. If it can be used on a feature wall, island, front door, kitchen cabinets that kind of thing, well, Im ALL in. Me too! The Sherwin Williams 6470 strip that starts with Glimmer is an aqua blue range that has no real gray in it. Sea Salt and Palladian Blue create a soothing partnership reminiscent of land and sea in this home office. Yes. And then I loved it it soothed my soul. For once it is exactly what you would expect: Sea Salt, but a little darker. I am an Amazon Associate and earn from qualifying purchases. To decide between these two shades, you really need to see them both in your space. They look great together! With its LRV of 47, Silvermist has more meat on its bones than many others. I was informed by another credible source that it is BM Philipsburg Gray. Is Gray Still Trendy on Walls, Cabinets & Exteriors? Thanks for your all your helpful insights. Call Us Today! Thank you Celeste, that is SW Collonade Gray (mad love), Hi Kylie, I have enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate all the great information regarding paint colors. Snowbound I will cover in just a minute under trim choices! Thank you, Palladian Blue is a perfect paint color for a traditional, coastal, contemporary or farmhouse style home. Dont Forget Your Supplies!DryDex is the fastest and easiest way to make chips and dents disappear! Im still thinking about putting that Sea Salt somewherecuz I love it, but it didnt go as well as the other two choices in the places where I needed them! Here are a few more super popular Sea Salt color combinations: Iron Ore is a deep charcoal color that coordinates beautifully with Sea Salt, it provides a contrast like black would, but softer. If the room has reasonably good lighting from the exterior yes. I have several other places I want to use that color, including the ceiling of our entryway (after I have the popcorn scraped off ). Living room is the same very light mint green ad master.Enjoying your painting tips here. Palladian Blue has more green in it than Rainwashed, and less gray. I literally could not stand looking at it. Palladian Blue is a soothing blue green paint color that, despite it's name, tends to read more green than blue. Check out myOnline / E-Design Paint Color Consultations! Hi Abby! I know you're thinking I'm just being fickle for the fun of it, but I want the color that I LOVE, not just that I like. And thats the one I chose. Thank you so much for helping make my home beautiful!!! I posted my choices on Facebook and Instagram over the weekend and it was fun to hear everyone weigh in on the subject. I know some people like the contrast, but I just dont. So important to get a color you love!! Samplize offers peel-and-stick paint samples that are more AFFORDABLE, EASIER, and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots. Went with our first choice,Sea Salt, and it is perfect for us in every light. So many of todays most popular blues have a lot of green in them not this one. ~Kylie. Undertones: Blue/Green. In my opinion, Palladian Blue is more of a blueish-green than a greenish-blue, despite its name and description on the Benjamin Moore website. I ended up with a beautiful green that was much lighter than Id expected to use and a rich terra cotta that was much darker than Id expected! Tranquility is quite a bit cooler than Sea Salt, and darker. Saybrook Sage also looks similar to how you might be picturing Sea Salt on an exterior. Mountain Air is another very light color, but this one sits in the cyan range, almost perfect between blue and green. Any suggestions? Oh my goodness! Well, its totally my language, so I am going to dive into making sure you know how to find your ownfeelings for paint colors. It doesnt strike me as pastel minty at all, but sometimes its about perception. If I had tested them out first, I probably would have chosen differently. ~Kylie. Silver Marlin has an LRV of 57, so its a light-medium tone. But you are welcome to look through our photos. What are your thoughts on painting the ceilings the same light gray color as the It goes very well with antique decor. I didnt buy my furniture yet, so I am not sure what are the cokors, but definitely something neutral. Pinterest. One of grays most NATURAL states, looks like a blue or purple undertone. Comfort Gray has an LRV of 54. The master bedroom at the front of the house faces north and is brightly lit with windows 8 wide by 7 tall. I know, it is such a sneaky bugger isnt i! A few of the photos look a bit more green, a few a bit more blue/gray, so its about finding a colour that is similar knowing you simply wont get a match without knowing the exact stain brand/dip. So when I decided to turn the dining room into a study/bar, I was ready to paint. Thank you so much! Woodlawn Blue and Palladian Blue have similar LRVs and similar depths. When I compare this little sample here to the photo, I feel like they make a pretty good connection. Our living room is Sea Salt Color Review Sea Salt Undertones, Ideas, & More, The Ultimate Guide to LRV and Choosing Paint Colors., I hope that helps and you HAVE to let me know how it goes hopefully these colours will atleast get you a bit closer! Im considering painting a couple of the walls in my living room what I would call a peacock sort of blue so this post is timely for me. Hi there, love your website! Comfort Gray Sherwin Williams. I was sure that Palladian Blue was the color I wanted, but on a whim, I got a sample of Sea Salt, too. I may try searching salt for the kitchen. Me too.I just painted my laundry room Sea Salt also. Hi Betty! Because of this, people frequently ask whether Palladian Blue is a green paint color? Darker than Tradewind - this color is not recommended if you want a coastal vibe - but if you are generally in need of blues - this is not a bad . Good Luck ! I am always cruising the internet for example photos, but I didnt find any of Sea Salt and dark trim in time for finishing up this post. Palladian Blue has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 60. It works great with Sea Salt, particularly in a coordinated beachy palette. Palladian Blue is a gorgeous blue green paint color that is a perfect way to add a calming soothing element to your space. I give as much info as I can for free on my site, but if that doesnt work I recommend the e-design so I can get up close and personal with photos/questionnaire. I am somewhat dying inside. Here are a few great examples of Sea Salt in action: First up is this elegant spa bathroom in the home of Vanessa from! IMHO, the answer is no. But, if you enter your email, youll get $5 off your first order! Hmmmm, this is feeling good. Its great for a whole room if you have enough light, Its gorgeous as a feature wall with gray or, theyre more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needed for traditional paint sampling, if you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room. Glimmer has an LRV of 78, and can sometimes even look like a blue white. And I love the extra you threw in at the endnow Im racking my brain for what/where I can paint it. Where some of the other comparisons we've looked at lack a green side, Sea Salt is pretty much just green and gray without the blue. Its SUPER popular for both beachy and modern farmhouse-style homes! I have no way to divide out the house from the yard and other misc photos. I want something more light bright & airy, something with a hint of color. Just wondering what you might think of my paint choices or even recommend something else for the bathroom or bedroom. It has just a little more yellow to it. Sea Salt and Rainwashed are very similar. Im from Omaha, Nebraska and have an apartment with only North-facing rooms. ~Kylie, Christina: I am sure since this is 2 years old you have solved your problem. Here is my favorite front door, on a house with cedar shakes: Even in the shade, the door color is pretty subtle! It is a bit lighter than Sea Salt and less gray. So tired of gray! Looking through my kitchen to laundry room I am loving the same wild iris paint color mixed with the white enough to soon commit to bringing this color into my kitchen. They also say that its Phillipsburg at one point which I can pretty much guarantee it isnt. I finally just had to jump in there and do it. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue vs. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt - I think I like the Sea Salt for our bathroom Comments mcfirstgreen D dmbyrd66 We lived with 4 color blocks on the wall for 2 months! Hi everybody, The kitchen is open to dinning room and living room. However in real life, the coolness of the gray can make sea salt look blue green. The cabin is in Alaska and gets natural light due to windows. In fact, it is actually more green than I had originally envisioned. It is also ever so slightly warmer (more yellow). I have a small 3 bedroom house with nicely lit rooms. Gray Cashmere has an LRV of 65 the highest on this page! way to test a paint color in your home, with no mess. I had the hallways repainted a few years back in a nice light green which doesnt stand out but definitely helps the house look happier and bigger. Comfort Gray is one shade darker than Sea Salt on the same color strip. Its darker version Comfort Gray is similar to BM Tranquility with just a weeee smidge more colour in it (less gray). what do you think? These are just general blobs, not specific colors, Shown above, Benjamin Moore Sea Reflections. I just came back from my sister-in-laws house and her living room and playroom are Sea Salt and her kitchen is Oyster Bay. Fleur de Sel does look very good with Sea Salt. Colour comparisons in order to easily see the different colour tones. If you want to see similar shades in the kitchen, check out my Trend-Setting Green Kitchen Cabinets post. that you used sharts n giggles n thats what she said a sentence apart so good! Thanks for your help! Shock of a life time one the front door is entered. Im not sure who to believe, the test swatch or Google image any advice is appreciated! It's considered a coastal "neutral" but is flexible enough that works well in any style of home. It took me about 10 seconds to realize what he'd done. If youre instincts have you worried though, it might be smart to look to a slightly more gray optionwomens instincts are usually pretty good on these things . michael b jordan birthday zodiac sign,

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